Hornet Cheerleaders Sleep Outside to Raise Awareness

For immediate release – 11/7/2012 - #158
Hornet Cheerleaders Sleep Outside to Raise Awareness

LYNCHBURG, VA – Lynchburg College cheerleaders Casey Hughes and Alicia Morris have slept outside in the dell this week.  The captains are partaking in the Solidarity Sleepers activity to help raise awareness.

LC hosts Hunger and Homeless Awareness week during early November and Solidarity Sleepers is just one part of it.  However, it may be the most extreme part.  Students, including Hughes and Morris brave the climates in order to experience what homeless people live through.  Even with multiple layers and resources that homeless people do not have, when the temperatures drop into the 20's, the cold still affects people greatly.

Students and some faculty and staff will continue sleeping outside the rest of the week.  Ryan Killilea and Phil Petronelli, assistant events crew directors, will also spend a couple of nights outside as well.