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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Lynchburg College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)


 Through the mission of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Lynchburg College Student-

Athlete Advisory Committee has inaugurated a program to support Student-Athlete development while enhancing the Student-Athlete experience. The intention of the Hornet Cup is to support the development of Lynchburg College athletes by creating leaders and role models in the classroom, on the field, and in the community.

  1. Attend all SAAC meetings and related events.
  2. Serve as liaison between the member's respective sport to the committee and the athletic department.
  3. Serve the needs of fellow student athlete's via leadership and support.
  4. Enable student-athletes to make meaningful contributions to the community.
  5. Serve on at least one sub-committee with active involvement.
  6. Promote high achievement in academics, athletics, personal development and within society.
  7. Promote the athletic department of all of its various entities.
  8. Know, understand, and follow the SAAC by-laws.
  9. Assist in the growth and development of SAAC.
  10. Assist in the selection and appointment of new members at the end of the academic year.
The Hornet Cup is comprised of five components: Academics, Athletic, Personal Development, Service, and Hornet Cup Events.

In terms of Academics, every athlete at Lynchburg College is a Student-Athlete, Student being the operative term. Becoming leaders and role models in the realm of Academics, allows Student-Athletes to focus on the reason for attending Lynchburg College; to earn a college degree. The component of Academics in the Hornet Cup awards points to teams based on Team GPA, Student-Athletes that earn All Academic Honors, and the team with the greatest improvement in team GPA from the previous semester.

Athletics is a large component of the Hornet Cup because it is a large part of who we are. All athletes strive for the best in their sport, for their teams, teammates and coaches. We wish to use the Hornet Cup to celebrate the success of our teams.
Personal Development is a way that Student-Athletes and teams that take advantage of the resources on campus to become better leaders and role models. Through the resources on campus, teams and Student-Athletes can improve their identity, talents, and potential on and off the field.
Service is a way that Student-Athletes can repay and thank the outside community that supports Lynchburg Athletics. Through acts of community service, Lynchburg College Student-Athletes can help build a better community.
Hornet Cup Events are those deemed so by the SAAC Executive Board that they feel are important and/or encompass one or all of the components of the Hornet Cup Challenge. These could include big games for teams, important university events, representation as student athletes, or assisting other groups or offices on campus to further their agendas.



Hornet Cup Standings 4/1/14: 

Women’s lacrosse: 3,545

Field Hockey: 2,669

Softball: 2,198

Volleyball: 2,130

Men’s Lacrosse: 1,661

Women’s Soccer: 689

Women’s Basketball: 685

Women’s XC & Track and Field: 319

Men’s XC & Track and Field: 180

Men’s Basketball: 114

Men’s Soccer: 0

Baseball: 0